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We need you! Share your ideas!

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I'm getting straight to the point, we need you!
Without you, this game can't exist. This is your game. The Op7 Staff is here to manage and to improve the game WITH you. We need your opinions, ideas, thoughts to progress. As [CM]Ceemoh wrote: "This is the users game, not the Staff game". We would like to listen to your ideas. 
A long time ago, there was a topic opened like this one. But we are in 2016, this game changed, and will change. 
For these reasons we decided to start this topic. You can write what you want
in order to improve the game, which things you would like to change, add, events, etc. anything you want. What do you want to find in this game ?

Try to be propositive, don't stop to "We need more weapons, clothes". Give some examples, propose solutions to issues you find in this game. Be creative!
This topic will help us to give you what you really need, what you really want. 
We don't want to impose our ideas.

We will try to summarize your main ideas and wishes. There's no guarantee we will succeed in integrating them, but we surely will hand this feedback to the dev team.


944901images.jpg In this topic there will be no room for Spam, Off-Topic and Insults. You have been warned.  :rtfm:

Thank you in advance for all your comments. 

Your Operation7 Staff



Update 18.08.2016


Hello Soldiers,


first and foremost, thank you for your feedback. I'd like to sum up the most interesting and cited suggestions, so that we can give them a certain priority. This list will be periodically updated so that we can keep track of your suggestions. Thank you.





Update 14.12.2016


- Repair friend list and clan chat -> Update 10.09.2016: Fixed.

- No SG mode  -> It has been asked to devs.

- Secondary mode with SMGs and automatic pistols

- Advertise the game -> Update 30.08.2016: We are currently working on this.

- Missions for Zombie mode; ZET and Zombie mode rework/rebalance-> -> It has been asked to devs.

- Reduce Mcash item price -> It has been asked to devs.

- More primary weapon slots -> It has been asked to devs.

- Upgrade inventory space

- Upgrade website -> Update 01.09.2016: We are currently working on this.

- Fix level icons -> Update 30.08.2016: This issue has been resolved.

- TeamSpeak Server / In-game voice system -> op7.tspublic.ovh

- Improvements in the chat system 

- FFA game mode

- RPG-7, PZF-3, M72 missiles ammo for Mcash -> It has been asked to devs.

- Gold Rush game mode with EXP

- Full Gold events -> Chistmas Demo CUP full gold the 18-12-16

- Rework the mission mode and include weekly achievements -> It has been asked to devs.


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    つ◕ل͜◕)つ Pudel つ◕ل͜◕)つ

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Hard reset the game to 2010 conditions ----> profit


Or: get rid of all those cash items and new features. Make the player customization cash only. 


- fix the sound bug

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Encore <3                                                                                lnSide <3



PSZ -> noPROblems -> Encore -> RIO -> noPROblem  -> lnSide

1000 different Sec-Clans with the one and only Pudel

(i am so pro)

3rd/4th Semi Sniper Cup - 2nd 4n4 Head Hunting Cup - 4th Demo/Survival Com Cup - 2nd 4n4 Demo Com Cup




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Repair friend list ,

To make a bag 2 places ( Gold )

5 slot instead of 3

And the yellow message of clan which does not also walk.

Remove Ennemy Spotted


Thank you

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- More activity of RGMs In-Game; outstanding of Events.

- Motivated Staff 

- Decrease Prizes for Items in Cash Shop, nobody want to pay 15€ for the Service we get here for a Nickchanger

- Transfer Netgame Accounts

- Update the Stoneage Website and fix the Levelicons

- Do ADs and Promotions through Internet and not only those Copy Paste postings in Facebook

- Clear and normal answers from Staff and not promises that will never be hold anyways

- No corruptness 


Oh before i forget... Someone should disappear in my opinion, this is my personal wish. There was 100 Topics about that already and from 100 Topics 105 havent been made real after the Users gave their opinions. From my List which is obviously not only good for the Customers 98% will never happen in this game anymore because there is no money left and this is- sadly- why this game will crash.

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Greetings from a retired Soldier




Once and forever No.1



As you setted up a payment system, you have to satisfy your customer on his wish till he respects the rules of your policy.



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find solution for damage and laggers xD

Remove bugs

Ncash moin expensively

debug friend list and yellow whispers

levl icons fixed

when i extend my grenade i crash always

and make something for USA players=lagg and hard Gap

make demolition in sever factory and pripyat lol

make option no sg in settings game

auto kik if players no fair play and no respect room names

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-TS server

Not do-able:
-An event where they just give u cash just because :D
-Some deal with steam


Last resort:
-Make 1 or 2 chanels in Latino for EU and close this version

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You have to make 5 or mores slots, we can do nothing with 3 slots.

improve the quality of weapons because they are ugly now :/
Some people (like me) want use mac 10 in a secondary game and we cant :/
Delete some wear like the horse head wtf
we can see 0 publicity of the game that's why we are 100 people only who play op7
Stop create only longs map, nobody like that, we want some little map please like industry town or ds
Delete bazooka and zombie, its so sh** sorry but it's true
Give us 5000 mcash/month xDDDD
And if possible Transfer this server in op7 latino

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-Fix Rank Information on the game

-Fix Clan chat

-Fix Friend List

Thanks so much! 






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Move the servers to latino version or make some kind of deal to open the IP's from Europe to Latino!

Any suggestions or improvements will not bring the game where it was before. I'm sorry to say that but it's the truth.

Make some deal btw Axeso and Eu and everybody will be happy :)


And... if you really, really want to make some good advertising. Contact some youtubers and explain your ideas to share this game.

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- No SG in room, like the disable of the granade.

- Change the current RGM, give a slot to some fresh RGM.

- Reduce the cost of the items.

- Don't delete the post inforum. 



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Make 5 or 6 permanent slots or more.

Get more players in game.




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fix clan chat

fix friend list

fix zombies ( at the end of the game finished the last mission the game  freeze)

i like the old gun texture (the new looks orrible)

make free for all mode

set no sniper option

set no sg option

make secondary weapon all avalible in only secondary game

gold grenade for grenade launcher (like latino)

when win event the gift come at max 1 week no 3 mounth

reactivate the in game report for kick player in room

update the xigncode3 because a lot of people using a tipe of hak the shoot through wall

add more stuff that can be buyed whit zet (like suit, lottery, and '' skill'')

update the main site 

more grenade slot or stuff slot whit gold ( backpac ecc)

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Name: UNV1T4LYthird (Antonio)

Clan:  TaskForce

KDR: 1.03

P.Weapon: M60, MG3, FN-FAL, M14, G3, SCAR-H, VECTOR, M4, FAMAS, XM500, BARRET, VEPR, VSS,AK74,AWM, 


                    GLOC, ANT AUTOMAG V, ANT AUTOMAG .44, MAC10, IME D.EAGLE



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- Decrease the prices
- Delete ***** items like (as,sault- master weapon, etc, every unreal items which destroyed the game)

- Fix all the f bugs and hire a good team to keep the game clean of bugs.
- Promote the game
- Pay attention to your consumers, and dont ignore them.
Good luck

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the list would be too long, but a reset of the last 4 years should be ok* :D

* EVEN IF (absurdly talking) you did such things, the game would be "Ok", not "good". Too many people left the game and won't come back even if you pay them. But it still would be 1000 times better than what the game is today



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- Repair the Friendlist
- Make more often an update of the anti-cheat
- Repair the MP9's bug (if we don't take bullets, we are automatically kicked out of the room)
- Reduce by half (50%) the price of MCash. There would be less direct profits but many more players would buy Mcash so I think Mgame could earn more money (+15 to +30%)
- Add some functions to prevent the SGs/Knifes
- Remove or change the ***** and Purgatory mode in Zombies (it's not possible to win... Except for hackers)
- Add in the missions (to win gifst), some missions in the Zombies mode (examples : Mission 31, kill 100/250/500/1000 Zombies with the Primary/Secondary/Melee/Bomb etc. etc.
- Change the missions, I started the missions 3 times and it's always the same thing...and same gifts... In 2009, we were wining Burning Events, Belt, backpags etc.). Or make the same missions but with different gifts, loteries, clothes, bullets, some parts of weapons in gold/silver etc. The players like receiving gifts (and players who tryied Mcash, have a need to buy Mcash again)
- 5 free slots for the primary weapons
- Put the items, bullets, clothes etc. in ZET (and 6000 ZET for 3 days -> Wtf guys!? )
- Delete and improve several maps (Redbrick, Arena, Down on the Stream, Zombies 1-2-3-4 because anybody plays in these maps)
- Make 1 or 2 maps for Sniper with the impossibility to rush in the other Base
- Add the possibility to use the Inglam/Uzi/Glock in the Secondary Mode
- Receive a lotery, item, nades, 500/1000 Mcash when we level up at level 10-20-30-40 etc. (it gives the wish to buy Mcash)
- Remove the 100 wins in the Hold Line mission, 1000 kills in Hw3 and the Kills in Down On The Stream because we need min. of 3 months to finsh a mission)
- Put hour somewhere in the game =D
- Put the same gold slots for Female. The Male has 3 slots possible with gold and the Female only 2 possible with Gold...
- Increase the Inventory, it's too small. Why there is a limit in the Inventory...
- For the Clans, make a system to win items, loteries, injectors when they have 50.000/100.000/250.000/300.000 xp etc.
- Remove the "Enemy Spotted!", it disturbs us when we play and it's boring to hear it anytime
- Put the new Icons! It never worked!
- Change the design of the forum (This forum dates from 40-45 wtf xD)
- Find a solution for everybody to limit the problems of Lagg/Crash/Tank

Here are my ideas!

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What about an In-Game voice system?

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In game when you press echap add Menu(Option) for sound or other


The price of mcash 


10000 mcash = 9,50 euros

20000 mcash =17,50 euros

30000 mcash = 26,50 euros

50000 mcash = 45,50 euros


And item in game :


bullet m4 (3day) 300 mcash

(7day) 600 mcash

(15day) 1200 mcash

(30day) 2300 mcash

(60day) 4400 mcash

Item ( marksman , weapon master )

(3day) 400








lower prices for all items and all bullet ...



Add teamspeak for community

Add more event (dog tag)

Add event more chance for win m79 gold or mac silver etc

Repair the bug of spectre when you buy bullet yellow and you play you kill enemy with bullet blue ...

Add french RGM

Promote the game

When you begin you have 5 slots

Make event weapon gold your can buy m4 gold or scar silver etc ...

No SG in room, like the disable of the granade.

Stop create sg primary .... create good map and good weapon like Industry or other and for weapon like m4 ...


Maybe x) europe and latino in the same Operation7 xD

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Transfer netgame Accounts and (if still possible) russian and Thai Accounts from their closed down Versions.


Change Location of Servers.


@OneShot regarding prizing: This is not Axeso5 ;)

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I only know how to abouse bannpowers when someone critize the game.



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If i'm not wrong i saw that now Brazil players have a server in Axeso5.

Why dont you do the same for our community? Make a deal and open for us a server in Latino...

Will be better than staying here and playing in 15 rooms and 5 locked and from other 5 getting kick.

Anyway i dont see any improvement... less players day by day.

The events are really horrible i saw that in Nima events, on the survival was 1v1 :laugh: :laugh:

really dont you see guys that here's no future?

Im not playing anymore in Europe but i hope you can do something or at least transfer our accounts in latino.

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Transfer account eu in latino its possible ? xD


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