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Important Announcement: Publisher Change

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Dear Solders,


maybe some of you have already heard about it, some of you may have already read about it and some may even have read the Transfer-Message on Softnyx.com about the Latino-Version of Operation7. And last but not least, maybe some of you have read the comments under the latest Operation7 Revolution Trailer for Playstation 4.


Today we're able to clarify the situation for you guys regarding Operation7.eu:


MgameUSA Inc. is going to transfer all rights and service to Netgame Inc. starting on the 1st of January 2017. So what does this mean and what are the consequences?


First of all, everyone who is going to login after that particular date is going to have to acknowledge and accept the terms of agreement of Netgame Inc. to be able to transfer his/her account to the Netgame Inc. service for EuropeThat doesn't mean your account can be used in the Netgame.com regions, Opeation7.eu user DB stays the same.


Second: All your items and your cash amounts are going to get transferred as well! In opposition to the Latino Version, you don't have to spend all of your in-game currency before the transfer.


Third: The in-game currency Mcash is going to stay Mcash. No changes there.


Fourth: With a new publisher a new Logo is going to get implemented. So don't be shocked once you see it during one of your Logins.


Fifth: As far as we know of today, the current Staff-Team is going to stay as it is. If new information is available, we will inform you guys first hand as we always do.


Sixth: It is not the intention that any old Netgame accounts will get revived. Still, there's a Poll at the moment, were everyone can leave his opinion regarding that matter. Please use that Poll Thread if you have questions regarding the old Netgame Operation7 issues. This Thread is for Operation7.eu matters.


Last but not least - to silence the talk of a closure. Those times are a part of the past and with our current strategy we are more optimistic than ever that Operation7 is going to stay up as it is staying right now. Operation7 is doing quite well at the moment and we're thankful that you guys support our new strategies with all your heart and all your passion for this great game. We thank you.


Best Regards



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Adios Amigos... Netgame.com would have been better in my opinion since they have a even more fresh website styling and in my opinion a better managment way but whatever... Except the Name nothing will change. Tbh i was hoping for a little more, specially regarding Operation7 and how it is held. You still call it Europe even when 50% of the total players are Pinoys and Russian laggers. I was hoping for a change of the balance in that way but yeah..




PS: mCash= mGameCash | nCash= netCash , seems strange somehow lol



In addition: You are changing the company to exactly the same which was responsible for a closure of the Game before already. You want to win old players back, their Accounts are lost and nobody is willed to start from Level 1. On which planet does that company live? Im sure its not the planet earth. Asking Players to waste money for years, deleting their accounts after all and in the end even buying a license for the game again. You shoot your own legs by not giving back the old accounts, those players will stay defently lost if nobody of you guys is transfering anything.

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For me is a great idea to transfer all account in latino and i think for all!
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