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Operation 7 Season I Novice League Main-Thread

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Dear Soldiers,


welcome to the official Operation7 Novice League Season I Thread. This is your chance as a Clan to finally show off your skills and letting everyone else know who the best Clan of Operation7 is under the terms of rules of engagement (RoE). Of course, at the end of each Season there's also a Clan-Reward on the line, but every single participant will also be able to get rewarded at the end of each Season (for more information, please check the reward section).


While the top three best Clans in the Novice League will be rewarded, they will also ascend to the Pro League for Season II. In opposition to that, the last three Clans of the Pro League will be relegated to the Novice League for Season II.


Before the start of Season I, each Clan can decide whether they like to start in the Novice League or in the Pro League (check out the entry section for more information).


Please also check out the following Threads for more information:








Our own Netgame Clan will also be able to participate during each Season and we can't wait to finally play against all of you. We are very excited and we are proud to finally establish a Clan ranking under the terms of RoE. Hopefully you all are as excited as we are and we hope to see you on the field of battle.





Dates and Times


  • Season I is going take place from the 24th of March 2017 until the end of the match-day schedule which has yet to be announced.
  • Matches will be played each weekend starting Friday and ending on Sunday evening. We call those "match-days".
  • Please check the "Season Match Schedule Thread" for more information regarding your opponents and your matches.





  • Play fair, have fun, and keep it clean
  • Flaming, taunting, swearing can lead to disqualification at the discretion of the staff as always
  • Breaking one the of the rules can lead to disqualification for the whole clan from the whole Season 
  • A clan disqualification will result in additional punishment and no Season rewards will be awarded 


Season Specific Rules (please read those carefully) (RoE)


  • This is Season I and all rules apply to this Season I only
  • In order to be able to participate, please check out the Participation thread here
  • Participation is only allowed with suitable clan. Season I is all about clan wars and will take part on Clan Channel only
  • Season I Novice League will be played 4 vs 4 (Multi-join or somehow entering a match with more than 5 players can lead to disqualification at the discretion of the staff)
  • Every match will be played in Demolition Mode (check out the Game Mode section and/or the Season Match Schedule Thread for more information)
  • Each Match Up will be played as Bo1 (Best of One)
  • Every Clan will have to play each map twice at different times during the Season.
  • Each Clan will be on a "Home" (Blue Side) Trip and on a "Away" (Yellow Side) Trip
  • Every Matches' Score-Screen has to be "screen-printed by screenshot and uploaded to the "Match Result Thread" in order to be viable and added to the sheet
  • All your match results will be counted up on the day after the conclusion of a match-day, usually on Monday. The Season table will get updated as well.
  • Each Clan can only participate once in either Pro League or Novice League


- Items that are not allowed during Season I:


    - No SG

    - No Grenade Launcher

    - No Grenades (requested by poll)

    - No Tanker Suits

    - No Assault Item (since this is no longer a shop item)

    - No elemental bullets like fire or electric (since this is no longer a shop item)


  • Not showing up: If you do not play your match during your match-day, both clans of that match will receive zero points for that match-day
  • Clan starting sides (Home or Away) will be decided by the match-day schedule
  • If you detect that someone breaks the rules, please report them after the match has been concluded, with proofs of course
  • Substitution during a match is not allowed, only before the start of a match 



  • Only European Accounts are allowed to enter, no Latino Accounts
  • All entries are to be posted in the Participation Thread, in the format of:


Clan Name


Clan Logo


Starting League (Novice or Pro)



- Entries close at 23:59 CET on the 17th of March 2017. NO entries after this time will be accepted


  • Timezone: Always Day
  • Nades: On
  • Launcher: Off
  • Break in: ON
  • Crosshair: ON
  • Ghostchat: OFF
  • P. Weapon: ON
  • Observer: OFF
  • Rest: OFF
  • Gametime: 3 minutes
  • Condition to win: 8th
  • Spawn Type: based on Demo game mode
  • Channel: Clan Channel
  • Burning: Activated (Weekend Burning)






Please keep in mind that penalty or disqualification can result in being banned from the Season as a Clan.







- 1st place: Rewards will be dished out to the Clan Leader


                                 - 30.000 Mcash (per Clan)



- 2nd place: Rewards will be dished out to the Clan Leader


                                 - 25.000 Mcash (per Clan)



- 3rd place: Rewards will be dished out to the Clan Leader


                                 - 20.000 Mcash (per Clan)


In addition: Each Season participant will also receive the first part of a special Season I Suit Item with a Special Season Logo applied to it (duration: 30days)

This Item can only be acquired by participating during a Season. The whole Suite will be rewarded as follows:


  • Season I: Special Reggae Style (Male) or Tango Wear (Female) Head Slot Item with a special Season Logo attached to it.
  • Season II: Special Reggae Style (Male) or Tango Wear (Female) Chest Slot Item with a special Season Logo attached to it.
  • Season III: Special Reggae Style (Male) or Tango Wear (Female) Leg Slot Item with a special Season Logo attached to it.

The full Season I Reggae Style Suit will come with a +65% XP / +5% Bonus as the regular one does.

The full Seaosn I Tango Wear Suit will come with a +70% XP / +0% Bonus as the regular one does.


(to apply for this item reward, a Clan member has to play at least 5 games during a match-day in Season I, counted and proved by the screenshot at the end of each match-day)




Best Regards



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