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8th Anniversary Easter Forum Event

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Dear Soldiers,


welcome to the 8th Anniversary Easter Forum Event Thread. The main goal of this event is to show off your creativity in terms of Anniversary. Be creative, do whatever you like and show off your creativity skills and upload a picture of it below this thread.


The rules for this event are as following:



Win Condition:


- Create something "Operation7 Anniversary" related and upload your creation to this thread




- Only one Upload can be done per user, so choose your uploaded creation wisely

- Old Screenshots and/or not self-created works are not allowed and upon spotting - will lead to disqualification from the event at discretion of the Staff

- The Staff will decide between all entries and rank the top three places on their opinions 


Examples an Operation7 Anniversary creation:


- A drawing (either real life drawing or by software)

- A freshly baked Operation7 Birthday Cake

- A placed and posed Operation7 Combat Scene in Real Life

- A modified Operation7 in-game Screenshot

- A hand-written poem themed towards the Operation7 Anniversary




1st place: M79


2nd place: Weapon Master Item (7days)


3rd place: Permanent Primary Slot



Hint: If you want to find out more about our greatest Anniversary Event that has ever been done, please feel free to click here.



We hope you enjoy our wide range of Anniversary Events and enjoy the 8th Anniversary of Operation7 as we do. Good luck and have fun participating in this event.


Best Regards



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Operation7 Staff Team

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eight years have past,your servers still last, 8)
you still have your haters ,with ragers & flamers, :threaten:
but how to have fun, when half of the room use a shotgun ? :mda:
you still getting updates with mines and events :derisive:
good things can't really say,only nostalgic players stay :umbrage:  
about staff i cannot talk or i get a ban asap :stop:
in some ways your like no other,with 6 rooms that dosn't matter  :blind:
you survived and did your best,time will come for you to rest  :butcher:
drag your legs and keep on fighting ,until your condota's rising? :pleasantry:
i don't like launchers or master so 3rd place is what i'm after  :beee:

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Happy birthday Op7

here is my gift. a combo of ELEVEN

I love you. and you're not EVEN

but don't worry. that can be FORGIVEN


Years of killing players left and RIGHT

they die as soon as they get in my SIGHT

I kill with a knife in a gun FIGHT

Getting them headshots give me DELIGHT


I really like the zombies UPDATE

dosen't matter if it a bit LATE

I allways support you and never HESITATE

To show you my love and TOLERATE


New weapons and content fall like RAIN

it help me send more players aboard my PAIN TRAIN

every map on this game is my TERRAIN

i have them well saved in my BRAIN


it been years of fun crazy moments and lagg

even when i get good kills i never bragg

all your trips and tricks are in my bag

farewell for now i need another dog TAG .




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A long sequence
Of days rich in essence
Crosses eight years
Like wavy lines,
Intersecting, then concatenating.
Never fable, perhaps,
But how many races,
How many sorrows
In all these years,
But always together, a life,
Until, far away, it will be over.
It's still here
That your job
Always alive, present,
Full of everything, not at all.
The wish: that your future,
If not sweet, is less hard.
Many Wishes Operation

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​So you like this game, you say?
You think it's still like the old days?
​A cure for boredom, but nothing else!

​So in this special lagger game,
​it's often hard to play.
​You can wait in the lobby day n' night,

for a clanwar you will never find.

​So there are two opportunities,

keep the memories and leave.
​If you think about to stay,

visit the official website and just pay.

But if you really love this game,

it doesn't matter what I say :pardon:

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I wish you all the very best Operation 7!  :troet:



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Sincerely, Exorbitant

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