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Season III Q&A Thread

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Dear Soldiers,


welcome to the official Operation7 Season III Q&A-Thread. In this thread, frequently asked questions are answered beforehand. If you have additional questions, always feel free to ask them here.


Q: I don't understand the match-day rule ! Why there are now five days instead of three ?


A: As in Season I and II the actual match has to be arranged by your own clans within the period of five days. We extended that time period by request of you, our community. This will also allow the possibility of chipping together 3 matches per match day instead of 2 as in Season I. We already did for Season II and it worked out good.



Q: What happens if neither clan has time during a match-day period and the match doesn't take place ?


A: Both clans will earn a loss and zero points will be awarded to both clans for the clan-ranking



Q: What happens if only one clan doesn't have time to play and the other is willing to play ?


A: The clan leader of the impeded clan can contact me by PN on the forums, letting me know that the clan can't play during said match-day. In this case, the impeded clan will earn a regular loss and the other clan will gain a victory. As in Season I and II, if things get out of control, I have to take more drastic measures and add back the penalty system of Season I which was also brought back during Season II. 



Q: Why shall we even participate in the Season ? I don't understand the point of it !


A: First of all you participate for fun. Second, this is the third official opportunity for you all to find out which clan will be the best of the best under regular rules and conditions which are the same for every clan. If that doesn't help, there are also the participation rewards and the Mcash rewards.



Q: What if a 4 vs 4 match is going to take place, but only three or less members show up ?


A: The clan match can still be played. Even with 4:1 if you desire. Keep in mind that the chances of winning are relatively small, but it is allowed.



Q: We played a clan match for the Season, but neither clan did a screenshot at the end of the match. What do we do ?


A: That's simply your own fault. If neither clan can present a victory screen, you have to play the match again. Or you will receive a regular loss as if the match wasn't played.



Q: What happens to those clans that do not present a screenshot at the end of the match-day in the designated thread ?


A: Both clans of said match will earn a loss and zero points will be awarded to the clan ranking.



Q: What happens if a single player of a clan breaks the rules ?


A: Please contact me by PN with a screenshot as proof. The player's clan will earn a loss for said match and the honest clan will achieve victory. As mentioned above, if things get out of control I will take more drastic steps and bring back the penalty system or disqualify the clan and/or player(s) directly.



Q: Again and again a certain clan or a certain player if a clan is breaking the Season III rules ! Is there nothing you can do ?


A: As already mentioned in Season I and II, during Season III there will also be clan punishments if needed. The hardest clan punishment will be that your clan will get excluded from the Season + removal of the Season participation rewards for all members of the clan



Q: When will the Season end ?


A: Yet to be determined.



Q: When are the Season stats going to get updated ?


A: League sheets will receive an update every Monday after the weekends' match-day sometime during the day. So at latest, on Tuesday all sheets are up to date.



Q: On the first match-day we have to play the blue side, but we want to play the yellow side due to playing blue side giving an unfair advantage to our team !!! Who plays which side ?


A: As mentioned in the main thread, each clan is going to play each map twice at different stages of the Season. Each clan will have to play each side once depending on the match-day. There will be no unfair advantages this way. Each home team has free map choice. So please keep that mind when playing the yellow side. Now it's your opponent's time to choose their favorite Demo-Map.



Q: Who is the room leader ?


A: Room leader will always be the clan that has to play the blue side. So with a Home and Away run during the Season, both clans will be Room Leader once for each map.



Q: Regarding maps. Which Maps have to played ?


A: Again, as in Season II - in Season III the home team on the blue side as free map choice. So if you have the feeling that playing the blue side is unfair against a certain clan, keep in mind that you have to battle that clan again at a later point in the season and at that point, it's going to be your time to choose your favorite map of choice.



Q: What if clans are using hacks against us ?


A: The clan channel is getting observed on a regular basis like all channels are, but it is going to get observed especially often during the match-days. We also added regular Season III match times to be able to observe at even higher rates. If you will get caught using hacks, be prepared for a possible clan punishment in addition to the regular bans you will get for hacking.



Q: Why only Bo1 for each match-day ? Why not Bo3 ?


A: Because as for Season II - in Season III we decided that you want to play Demolition again. It made sense to stick to the system we used in Season I and II. Especially with three matches within five days, a Bo1 system won't bind clans to have to play against each other for too long.



Q: This whole Season thing is kind of confusing. Where do I find the information I need to know ?


A: Each Thread has all the information related links attached to it. If you have problems navigating through the Season, use the Links established and created in every single thread to navigate around the Season or simply feel free to ask for what you need to know. I will answer all your questions on a daily basis.



Q: The Q&A didn't answer all my question and I have a lot more to ask ! Where can I ask my questions ?


A: Feel free to ask them here in this Q&A thread. If needed and if it will help others as well, I will add your question with an answer to this Q&A as well.



Q: How to get an appointment with my opponent team ?


A: Either contact them by PN, Chat, TS or whatever tools you use. It's all about self-sufficiency. It's up to you to get the match done. Show some leadership for your clan and lead your clan to victory. You can also use the official Appointment thread which can be found here.



Q: I understand that we should show some leadership and actual be reasonable human beings - sad but true - we are not and we are completely unable to arrange dates and play-times with out opponent team, what now ?


A: As already mentioned - then your are not qualified for such a tournament and after not having played three matches in either a row or in total, your clan will be removed from the tournament.



Q: There Russian Clans in the tournament don't speak English at all. How do we communicate with them ?


A: Contact them by PN and send them the following easy understandable lines:


- Нам нужно сыграть в турнире (We have to play tournament)
- Мы должны играть против вас (We have to play against you)
- Когда ты хочешь поиграть? (When do you want to play ?)
- Пожалуйста, скажите нам время! (Please tell us a time !)
Those simple lines are easily understandable for every Russian-Player.



Q: Is it allowed to use temporary nickname changers for the games we need to play ?


A: Yes it is allowed, but please provide the evidence of who played said match, otherwise I can't relate to whom has played a certain match and can't count those towards the participation reward. Thanks in advance.



Q: Is it allowed to play with a secondary account inside the same clan during Season III ?


A: Yes, that is allowed. The secondary account rule was applied by popular community demand to prevent users from Multi-Clan-ing during Season II and we stick to that for Season III as well.



Q: You finally added the option to request video-uploads of our opponents ? So how does it work ?


A: Yes, demanded during Season II already, we finally added the option. As mentioned in the main thread, you have the option to request a video-upload for one player per clan every seven days. Those requests are bound to the penalty system. Unanswered requests within a week will result in a penalty for the whole clan. The video will have to be made during a Season III clan match of course and needs to be uploaded in the Video-Request-Thread. There you will also find all the rules and information again.

Once a player has uploaded a requested video, that player can't be requested again, but the same clan can.



Please also check out the following Threads for more information:







Best Regards



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