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Event Information


Bullet Box Event

Players can obtain random alphabets among A, C, D, E, K, L, M, N, O, P, R, Y after taking down opponent players during event period. 
Try to collect Alphabets and make “KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON” to receive rewards.
Bullet Box will reset once players have received reward. Event reward can be provided up to 5 times.
Alphabets only drops during ingame and collected Alphabets are available to check on Event Window. 
Event Period
Not Scheduled yet
Event Detail
Event name: BULLET BOX
Drop item: A, C, D, E, K, L, M, N, O, P, R, Y, in total of 12
It is not required to obtain duplicate alphabets such E, C, A, R, N multiple times.
Previously obtained covers the remainders.
Conditions to fail the collecting process
Alphabets will be provided when mission has been finished completely. (In the case of quitting game in the middle of mission, obtained alphabet from the game will be removed.
Alphabet drops on games with minimum of 3 players.
AI Mode/ Zombie Mode/ Locked Room does not drop Alphabet
Interface Settings  
Activate Event Window 
 11ef591c3801a382a822d16decf8c9ad.png Event page will only be activated during Event period. [Exact Event Schedule has not been set yet.]
“Bullet Box” Event Schedule should not conflict with “Dog Tag” Event Schedule.
Interface Structure
Interface function
Effect on obtaining “Alphabet” items 
It would be possible to distinguish obtained “Alphabet” items by the effect represented below.
Event Reward
Reward Process
Players can receive event rewards up to 5 times 
By clicking “Get Reward” button, players can obtain rewards through giftbox.
Reward information
Event End
Event Page/Short-cut will be removed.
Event item “Alphabets” will be removed.

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Now you even start writing down the mcash prize for those Items because you want players to learn how worth your Items are? 



Anyways these WW2 Items can be bought for gold -> Invalid to write the cash prize here. Whatever. This is a Event for the noobs. Im sure the rest of the no names here will enjoy their 3 days Weapon Master. 

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Hello!The competition is interesting, but not completely thought out!and the prizes, except for the lottery, are not needed!but before the lottery to walk,you have 5 times to collect the alphabet!letters fall out after killing the player in the bag!what if I killed him in half a map?I have yet to run down this bag - he'll either disappear or I'll kill you!we had to make the letters fall out after killing the player!and the letters do not fall out so often!personally I for 1 game raised 2 hew!but it is a rarity!in average for 5 games I raised 2 hew!interestingly,stage 3 who have played for 2 days???



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Thé response is play for win xD

In 1 year after playing you can win the lottery hahahaha xD
Good luck for the patience ;)
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